Self-Therapy™ Systems

PSYREC's proprietary Self-Therapy™ tools and technology that allows you to address your mental health needs independently. Self-Therapy™ Systems allows user to evaluate their mental health status, screen for symptoms, and apply basic intervention independently at their pace, with privacy and safety. Additionally, it allows users to know when would be a good time to seek out alternative or further intervention when needed.

How This Works?

PSYREC's proprietary Self-Therapy™ Systems functions like an interactive self-help portal with necessary screeners, easy to use manual, and self-administration kit. It is a self-directed approach with resources such as:

  1. Screening and self-assessment tool kit.
  2. Interpretive guide, information, and criteria to evaluate your personal mental health.
  3. Therapy recommendations and options.
  4. Guide and instruction manual on how to apply the therapy.
  5. Therapy tools and resources.
  6. Self-care tools and resources.
  7. Access to our online support group.
  8. Access to our online professional consultants for further advice.

How It Looks Like

You will receive an e-packet of our Self-Therapy™ Systems toolkit, and login access to our spport groups and consultation resources once you purchased for the packages.

Available Toolkits

Click on your specific concerns to find out if this is the toolkit that would best meet your needs. For more clarification - reach out to us for a free, non-obligatory consultation.